We Believe in :- "HUM HONGE KAMYAB"

We focus on Clean India drive initiative, by making your vehicle and clothes clean, and many more segments in nearby future. "Ho Jao Clean" is our endeavor and we believe in shiny and dust proof society. We are just hoping to put a small effort to transform ordinary cleaning into digital cleaning. We have associated with many prestigious societies and shall be connected with every person who raises their hands in clean India. If we say this is just a business in first place than it is not an only a business. This is a small effort to make empower each person who want to associate with us.

This is our a small effort to give a recognition to those, who are sometimes not given their due respect in our society. "Cleaners" are not looked upon as a dignified class. They are hardly given any respect. Without them we cannot think about " Clean India Mission ". So we are trying to give a platform where we give them all this, with sufficient financial support as well. We have also decided to put small efforts infavour of necessary education of Self Defense to children as like other education. We know we can’t change everything , but we are very sure we will do something. ONCE AGAIN HUM HONGE KAMYAB JARUR HONGE KAMYAB

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  • We offer multiple services at a great value
  • Multiple car wash locations
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly products
  • Pay for your wash electronically and securely
  • Trained and skilled car wash crew members
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  • We are very open and easy to reach company
  • Our email is checked hourly during the day
  • Book an appointment online under 3 minutes
  • Our tool free number will be answered
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We are dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction at a great value in multiple locations offering convenient hours.


Our products are eco-friendly and interior products are all organic. We use less than a gallon of water with absolutely zero-waste.


Our crew members are all trained and skilled and fully equiped with equipment and supplies needed that we can deliver the best results.


We offer multiple services at a great value to meet your needs. We offer a premium service while saving your time and money.